Instructions for Filling out your Complaint Form

Before beginning to fill out your complaint submission form, make sure that you have prepared the texts and files you wish to send us.

If filling out the online form takes a long time, it is likely you will be disconnected from our system. As a result, when you try to click on “Next Step: Preview”, instead of being directed to the Preview stage of your complaint, you may receive an Error message. In that case, go back to opening your online form and first attach the files you have prepared beforehand so that the rest of the filling out process is brief. 

Please fill out fields “Last Name”, “First Name”, “Father’s Name”, and “Subject” in capital/block letters.

Make a note of the exact way you have filled out your e-mail address (in lower or upper case characters): The system makes a distinction between lower case and upper case characters. 


It is likely that, prior to proceeding to any further action regarding your case, the Greek Ombudsman may be contacting you to verify your identity, your intention to submit a complaint, and your contact data.



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