Submitting and monitoring your complaint online

Filing a complaint


You must use your personal e-mail address, since we will use this address to send you the code for monitoring the progress of your complaint, as well as all complaints you have filed indicating this e-mail.

For better functioning of the application, please use the latest browser versions.

The Ombudsman does not accept complaints filed directly via e-mail.

Alternative ways of filing a complaint


In person or by post

Visit the Authority’s premises at 17 Halkokondyli Street, Postal Code 104 32 Athens, Monday through Friday from 14.00 p.m.; Every Wednesday afternoon till 16.30 p.m. or send your complaint by post to the above address

By fax

Sent by fax to (+ 30) 213 1306 800 or (+ 30) 210 7292 129

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