Nikiforos Diamantouros

Professor of Comparative Politics, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens

University Studies
· Ph.D., Columbia University (1972)
· M.Phil., Columbia University (1969)
· M.A., Columbia University (1965)
· B.A.. Indiana University (1963)

Professional Experience
· 2003-present: European Ombudsman
· 1998-2003 : Greek Ombudsman
· 1999-2002 : Member of Greece's National Commission on Human Rights

· 1997 : Visiting Professor of Political Science, Juan March Centre for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Madrid
· 1993-present : Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Athens
· 1995-1998 : Director and Chairman of the Greek National Centre for Social Research (EKKE)
· 1988-1993 : Associate Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Athens
· 1988-1991 : Director of the Greek Institute for International and Strategic Studies, Athens
· 1983-1988 : Programme Director for Western Europe and the Near and Middle East, Social Science Research Council, New York
· 1973-1978 : Teaching and research appointments at the State University of New York and Columbia University
· 1978-1983 . Director of Development, Athens College, Greece

He has written extensively on the politics and history of Greece, Southeastern Europe, and Southern Europe, more specifically on democratization, state- and nation-building, and the relationship between culture and politics. He is joint general editor of the Series on the New Southern Europe published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Foreign Languages
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Professional associations and honours
· 1992-1998 : President, Greek Political Science Association
· 1985-1988 : President, Modern Greek Studies Association of the United States
· 1990-present : Co-chair, Subcommittee on Southern Europe, Social Science Research Council, New York


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