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The Greek Ombudsman’s guiding principle and drive as a mediator is its commitment to the win-win approach, i.e. visualising solutions from which both the citizens and the administration can benefit. The Independent Authority stands by the citizen affected by the financial  crisis; it investigates problems caused by legislation or administrative acts or omissions and undertakes targeted initiatives, building on the expertise it has developed so far and the enhanced competences it enjoys. In addition, the Ombudsman acts as guardian of the people’s rights in both the public and private sectors, with a special emphasis on monitoring and promoting the implementation of the principle of equal treatment, the rights of the child and the rights of vulnerable groups.


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Special report on return of third country nationals

The fact that the dramatic reduction in the numbers of forced returns of third country nationals in 2018 does not correspond to the high number of administrative detainees in view of return, is highlighted by the Greek Ombudsman in the special report in his capacity as national monitoring mechanism for returns according to EU law. The Ombudsman mentions that the police return operations are affected by certain dysfunctions in the asylum process and the lack of fully connected data systems. The Ombudsman stresses the important role of transparency and protection of fundamental rights in planning an effective returns system at the European level, focusing his critical remarks in the EU Commission’s proposal for a Recast Return Directive. Last but by no means least, the Greek Ombudsman’s initiative for networking with his counterparts in other member-states and the Council of Europe,  is aiming at achieving transparency and an independent external monitoring on European forced return operations by FRONTEX, in view of the relevant EU Regulation being under amendment.

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The Ombudsman’s human rights initiative  regarding European forced returns of third country nationals

The creation of an independent mechanism for the external control of forced returns of third country nationals at European Union level has been decided in Nafplio by independent authorities from ten Member States.



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