Special Report: Protection of Vulnerable Children

Special report: Protection of Vulnerable Children


The  Ombudsman  reiterates  the  issue  of  protecting  the  rights  of  children  who  are temporarily or permanently deprived of their family environment, by publishing up-to-date information, findings and data.

It  highlights  problems  related  to  the  operating  model  followed,   distortions  in  the institutional  framework,  heterogeneity  of  practices,  deficits  in  the  envisaged  structures, public   authorities   and   services,   which   lead   to   unacceptable   shrinkage   in   the safeguarding of the rights of children placed in institutional care structures.  

It   lists   the   necessary   interventions,   reforms   and   policies   that   will   allow   for   the abandonment  of  the  institutional  care  model  and  the  transition  to  the  model  of  family support and alternative care in the community.

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